Thursday, February 12, 2004

Two posts in one day. That's a counter-intuitive yet sure sign this blog won't last long.
Bush called for an Independent Commission to investigate the failure in intelligence on WMD in Iraq, main victim CIA. David Morris in his Alternet article says "Have we all undergone collective amnesia?" (undergone? some other word? not verbatim, whatever)
Last year in February or something we trouped over to a CIA recruitment meeting in the Career Center to hold up signs that said Thank You to show appreciation for the CIA report that had leaked out saying that intelligence said a) Iraq was not an imminent threat and b) the attack would exacerbate the chance of terrorism instead of combat it. Rumsfeld and crew ignored the reports and blitzed anyway.
NOW they want an investigation on the CIA?
Mashed potato brained idiots of the US of A seem to be laboriously holding up two fingers on one hand, uncurling two fingers on another, adding and counting several times over to come with answer of orange. Hard as a rock potato brained jerks in the Whitehouse seemed to add up quickly to come up with an answer of 800 billion, 80 million of which was spent on counter-terrorism in Miami in November.
Please note: no quotations or formatting has been harmed in order to squeeze out the sarcasm from any phrase used today.
On the upside, today ARF (Animal Rights on the Farm) connected with the grad student Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. Convergence lives on. (Names to remember, Ryan Schwartz, Matthew Liebman)


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