Thursday, April 01, 2010

fool's cheese (April 1, 2010)

cheese lovers

i abhor punctuation
like nature abhors a vacuum
cleaner running at 7 o clock
on a sunday morning
in a thin skinned apartment block
in brooklyn

every day
i sit in my home
and gape at the mountain
that hangs from the clouds
and at night i sleep
to the song of the river

every day i am grateful
that i have travelled enough
to know that
grandmothers everywhere
just want you to eat

and that
like love
is always there
waiting to be seen
for the first time

these days i am filled
with gratitude
that i share a home
with one i love
in which we can offer
a bed
bread we baked this morning
apple sauce we made
from apples we picked
from a friends yard
about quiet heroes around the earth
and laughter
always laughter

these days i realize
i am an indian woman
i like things clean
and in their proper place

today i am not an indian woman
i cant keep up with the cobwebs and grime
and you know what
thats ok

it is not difficult
for me
or for you
to be well known
or well loved
for being good
and skillful
and selfless

the task today
is to see the blinding brilliance
in every one
and to love without condition
and to understand that since
there is no self
there can be no selfless

the task today
is to see that writing
in strange lines with no punctuation
is only a poem
like every single act of truth and beauty
is a poem

today i believe

free will
call it what you will
and i will believe
in it with you

every day
i worship the fractal
the pattern that can only be described by
the constant deterministic incremental
repetition towards infinity

anicca anicca anicca

today i will dance
in epuyen
antu quillen
my home for a month
where i learned to leave my self
five years ago

five years ago today
we first cheesed of sorts

che que significa disfrutar

to those of you with me since then
i thank you
to those of you who joined me later
i thank you

cheese lately has been mild
i have been writing only
of love and learning
and light

today i have read too much
derrick jensen
arundhati roy
chris hedges
to beat around the bush
any more

the tsunami
earthquakes and hurricanes in
the southasian subcontinent

are the rumbles of the beast
arriving faster than even
the littlest and most chickeny
chicken little
can imagine

today i dont need to chide myself
for not having the courage
or knowledge
to run to the disaster zone
like florence nightingale meets flo jo

the disaster
the collapse
will come to me
ready or not
and all i can do is ready myself
as best i can
and i suggest you do the same
beg you to do the same
if you arent already

money in the bank
your resume
your remote control
your portfolio
your president
your website
your wish list
these will soon return to the nothing
they came from
and the only things that will mean something
will be
and what you

so grow kale
build with mud
make friends with fire
strengthen your bicycle muscles
resist the rape of the earth
laugh at everything
play with everyone
and worship all deities but the ones with power

because the only thing that will save this life is
how much you love it

i dont wish to offend
i only wish to love
and be light

as always i welcome
your thoughts
even if i dont reply for years


Let the mind beware that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances
of existence are pretty glorious.

- Jack Kerouac


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