Sunday, December 12, 2010

June 17th: a kind of sort of not really Cheese

My dear Cheesers,

Got on a bus yesterday morning to New York. Heard Arabic standing in the line. Wondered if it alarmed people like Denali's big red beard does these days. Thought of New Community Church's Artspace ( where I performed Being Human last week. Annie Houston couldn't stay for the post-performance discussion about what it means to be human, but before she left she told me that for her, it was communication. Mary Waters, who was the main reason for my opening night of Being Human in DC last October said it was laughter.

The language school that rents space from New Community Church teaches, among other tongues, Arabic. Good way to make peace, learn the language. Till you get the humor. Till they make you laugh, and vice versa. It's hard to wish or do harm to someone you laugh with.

Must be getting sensitive to coffee. Had one cup in the morning, got the jitters. Or maybe it was nerves. I don't get stage fright. What gets me fluttery is the logistics of organizing. Not knowing if we've done all we needed to to get the crowd there. Especially when there might be a presentation by some of the survivors of the flotilla massacre tomorrow night too, if the Israel lobby lets them get through with visas. Not sure how the sound system will be. Hoping I'll find a way to sell or give away the Navashwaasam DVDs to the right people.

Tomorrow I'll be performing Being Human again here in New York as a fundraiser for a family in the West Bank, Palestine. (see email below). My good friend Pam's friend Rania had a small child and another one on the way when her husband was arrested a year ago for stealing a car in Israel. He's never been to Israel. This kind of thing is devastatingly common in Palestine. ( Pam's been trying to raise money for her. I offered the performance. There'll be a discussion afterwards of course. Not just about Rania and her family, but all the represent. Pam will be able to talk about her book Fast Times in Palestine ( which, when published, will rock your world like it did mine.

Meanwhile, the flotilla massacre. Enough said.

Meanwhile, Rania's husband gets out soon, we hear. They'll still have legal and baby and health and all sorts of fees to do deal with, but at least they'll be a family again. If you want to contribute to the fundraiser you can Paypal donations to, or contact Pam (cc'd).

Meanwhile, as with many Palestinian prisoners under the occupation, he's learnt Hebrew.

Communication. Laughter. Maybe the Third Intifada will involve a lot of good jokes.

Salaam aleikum. Shalom alejem.

Love, as always,


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