Monday, March 01, 2004

Lensed eyes

Shit. Late. Always late. Always on the go. Nooooo. Not anymore, I'm chillin more now, going flow slow, no? Yes, but for now, on the go. Somehow, always leave blogging till last minute (still have a freakin 250 emails or so) of internet episode, so end up blogging under pressure. Boo. Nootun's 3rd Law of Bloggage: Pressurized blog does not result in explosion of truth and illumination.
Lenses on my eyes have thick black frames. They make me feel smart and deep and artistic and yet chic and New Yorkian. I'd like to be rid of them though. Must onwardho to University to meet Amma and Acchan to go to eye doctor appointment to see if can do Lasik, that is why am late, and that is also why have glasses lenses instead of contact lenses.
Amma's b'day today. She's 53. I told her it's a good age, to be proud of it. I wasnt lipservicing or nothing, I meant it. It has a weight, a significance for her presence on earth. I would love it if she would become her goddess. Blech. Too bad that phrase and concept has been coopted and corrupted by pieces of kaka like Venus razor company.
Gone. Be.


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