Wednesday, June 15, 2005

free culture

I remember a time I was a person who could be excited hearing about a freeflow at such and such nightspot.
I don't know who that person is anymore.
I'm looking for a different kind of free, different kind of flow.

(Cholmes, you're a lucky dawg to have glimpsed freedom with that dude.)

Some cyber locations that friends Mish Mosh and Josh led me to, with simple instructional suggestions, should you choose to click and click.

Set 1: An article by Lawrence Lessig
a) gather 8 friends around a worldly wise computer screen (as in, 8 plus you makes 9)
b) click here
c) take turns reading each page out loud to each other, taking time to interrupt the reading process with questions, comments, and pizza, allowing those to lead to discussion, argument, and general raucous engagement.

d) Go outside and breathe. Swing on a tree. Sit on a rock. Wind your arms around a few times. Decide whether you want to go back to the computer or not. If you do, read on. If not, don't.

Set 2: A video clip called EPIC 2014
e) gather x friends, x being a real or imaginary number of your free choosing, which may or may not be the same number and same individuals as in instruction a).
f) click here and then click again where it tells you.
g) watch the clip taking turns to make comments and shush comments.
h) re-engage in general raucousness.

i) wind down with introspective wistfulness of what magic is to come from this particular special group of people with all their skills, disagreements, values, agreements, knowledge, wisdom, love, and above all,


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