Sunday, March 27, 2005

¿Che, que significa...?

¿Che, que significa disfrutar?
(Hey, what does disfrutar mean?)

is a verb which can only be translated in memes and qualia.
is to be doing that verb,
to be ···

·emerging magically out of an invisible portal path in the bushes with telltale Keats-Purple-stained lips and fingers from picking blackberries up the wazoo, or rather, up the Rio Azul, but still more than enough left to make cobbler back home

·lowering a tongue to gather the very last of that Keats-Purple-staining coldness from the bottom and sides of that gleaming white tigela (bowl) that was once Açai na tigela (açai in a bowl, instead of diluted and poured in a plastic cup, erch, no way, thank you very much)

·glimpsing the specifically right now and never again spentamacular combination of sun cloud and mountain out the window and running out of the house with the door open even though its damn cold to stare at it with awe drip dropping down from open jaws

·trooping out to the huerta (garden) to gather carrots and beans and lemonade lettuce and tomatoes and squash and basil and potatoes and apples and watching it and helping it transform into a glorious feast in which only the oil and the salt didn´t come from this very land right here and right now

·standing in front of a pile of mud bricks that will soon be in the walls of a bakery for a school piled together by precisely the kind of hands and minds that seemed too idealistic to exist in the real world

·finally seeing that thin tall Amazonian palm with those tiny little berries that are concocted into Açai

·watching someone eat sunflower seeds right from the flower and realizing that´s where they come from

·gathering with fellow artists in an utterly non-hierarchical temporary performance tribe to put all professional social mental physical energy into the creation of art that exists specifically right now and never before and never again

·putting on a purple lavender hat that was knitted with love and given as Trueque (a system of barter exchange hereabouts, once complex and organized, bottom-up, during the economic crisis, and now still a common informal concept) in exchange for Bharatanatyam talleres (workshops)


Hey you.
A friend told me that when someone says hey you to you that means they like you.
I like you.
I probably even love you.
I might owe you an individual mail.
I might have told you about this time last year that I was done with mass mails.
Some things change.
Hey you.
Some don´t.
I´m in El Bolson, Patagonia. Sunday I go to Epuyen to live in a building where the nearest anything is a good stroll away. Except for the mountains and the lake and the dragon and the rosehips and the artesenal art and all the things that matter.
If you write me I will you write you back, (you back, you specifically and just you) and will try to make it before the next time the earth and sun are in this exact position right here and right now.
If you want to check in on me every now and then, this email was composed on, and it gets updated every twice in a blue cheese.
If you want me to send you these two blue cheeses, let me know and I´ll put you on a list. (Those of you who have already requested this, consider it done.)
Some things get too administrative for their own good.
Too much computer time makes malavika ammu mali malibu emu etc tara mohanan poopy.

Hey you.


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