Wednesday, June 15, 2005

free culture

I remember a time I was a person who could be excited hearing about a freeflow at such and such nightspot.
I don't know who that person is anymore.
I'm looking for a different kind of free, different kind of flow.

(Cholmes, you're a lucky dawg to have glimpsed freedom with that dude.)

Some cyber locations that friends Mish Mosh and Josh led me to, with simple instructional suggestions, should you choose to click and click.

Set 1: An article by Lawrence Lessig
a) gather 8 friends around a worldly wise computer screen (as in, 8 plus you makes 9)
b) click here
c) take turns reading each page out loud to each other, taking time to interrupt the reading process with questions, comments, and pizza, allowing those to lead to discussion, argument, and general raucous engagement.

d) Go outside and breathe. Swing on a tree. Sit on a rock. Wind your arms around a few times. Decide whether you want to go back to the computer or not. If you do, read on. If not, don't.

Set 2: A video clip called EPIC 2014
e) gather x friends, x being a real or imaginary number of your free choosing, which may or may not be the same number and same individuals as in instruction a).
f) click here and then click again where it tells you.
g) watch the clip taking turns to make comments and shush comments.
h) re-engage in general raucousness.

i) wind down with introspective wistfulness of what magic is to come from this particular special group of people with all their skills, disagreements, values, agreements, knowledge, wisdom, love, and above all,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

shitterless hus, a shitty sing talking poem

there once was a hus
on top of a hill
that belonged to the uncle
of one Kellea Mill-
-er, she had kill-
-er good looks,
her friends were fools of a Took,
they thought they could cook
the goose that laid the oily eggs
that was drinking away the world
down to its dreggs
so they packed up their beggs (say this new zealand style)
and put out their feggs (or cloves, if they didnt smoke feggs, or incense
if they didnt smoke cloves, or garbage if they didnt do anything at all
smoke related)
they got on a bus
and headed to a hus...
on a hill above a
that wasn't toooooo
but inspite of
the house didn't haaaave aaaaa

la, La, LA, LAAAAAAA.....

shitterless hus! shitterless hus!
better lets US,
shit in the BUSH-US,
and if we CAN,
find a CAN,
or even a PAN,
we can take care of OUR shit,
and finally stop this BUSH shit.

see this morning i was sitting on the throne, peeing, not shitting, and i
was washing, (i try not to use paper when i pee now, i wash, it was hard
at first, but all good now. with shitting, i still sometimes use paper,
but sometimes wash. you wanted to know that right?) and i remembered how
we came back from the city and up those stairs at the side of the house
and then skiddled off the trees to take a shit. didnt even dig or
nothing, just sat and shat, and then wiped with a dry leaf and hoped that
all was still well with the world, and prayed that none of y'all saw me.

shitterless HUS! shitterless HUS!
hope you don't mind if i CUSS
about that
shitterless HUS! shitterless HUS!
cuz even though it sounds like i FUSS
really i know
shitterless HUS! shitterless HUS!
was the shiznit, the doowickety hang dawg
that liggity let US
rock the streets, drum the beats
in the early morning BUS
on the way to the
Luuuuuuuuuuuuuu (even thought the house didnt have a loo)

somebody write that in Tha-yiii.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

synergy navashwasam

amores, precios.a.o.s,

I dance. I live to dance. I always have, but I guess I know it more and more now.
It's nice to have found this particular Bill to Kill.
Share it with me?

Friday, June 3, 7:30 pm, Synergy House, 550 San Juan, Stanford

It's a short show-in-evolution called
(nuevas respiraciones)
(new breaths)
mostly Bharatanatyam, with a work-in-evolution combining spanish poetry with movements based on Bharatanatyam.

It's a gift long overdue to a house that is one of my once-now-forever homes.

Some of you aren't in foot/wheel access distance to this house, pero quiero que (ya se que) vengas por corazon.

Presence in qualquier form requested, feedback on all fronts welcome.
Much love
Malavika Ammu Mali