Saturday, March 13, 2004

Shanti Sena

I've discovered a new and utterly guilt-free pleasure that Maya's friends call Delicious Hot. Let's just go back to our room and drink Delicious Hot, they say.
Super hot water. I sip it as I read instead of unmindfully munching Oreos or something. I'm trying to wean myself off of my habit of snacking when I read. It bloats my soul.
Discipline is what I need. I wish there was an army training that I could go to that delivered on discipline and skills without that whole killing and colonizing part.
I just watched this movie called The Last Castle, Robert Redford starring as this glorified army dude, leads a revolt in a military prison. Movie got beefs, or rather, I got beefs with it, but no matter. I still felt a surge of pleasure in me as I revolted along with the inmates. In my mind, of course. Sasimama introduces me saying I've been in US prisons. That shouldn't impress, even if it were true. But honestly, I was just stuck in a cramped van for 8 hours, and a couple of holding facilities. Jail is still a foreign concept to me, and I can't pretend that there is no small part of me that perhaps conspires to make that not so. Is being obtuse a crime? Does that count?
But no. That was not the only thing on my mind as I watched the movie. Yes, the injustice of the prison industrial complex featured prominently, but so did thoughts of Gandhi's Shanti Sena.
As part of the scheme the prisoners/soldiers used metal cafeteria trays as protection against the batonning guards. Maybe I won't make it to RNC, but regardless, how delighted I would be if my comrades lined New York streets with PVC shielding a la Crimethinc DIY guide.
I miss the fight. I feel so far from the battlefield, even though reports on investment, business, technology, military, all remind me that I could be at the frontlines in one way. None of that matters in the least if I don't find myself fellow soldiers. I can't keep doing this shit on my own, with all my talk of cooperation. I Ching helped me decide to really put aside plans for RNC for now, but it didn't tell me what to do instead, where to find the group, the partnership, it recommended, and I'm sick of saying it will come to me, because it's getting easier and easier to drink Delicious Hot and sit in an ice-cold Ivory Tower. I'm recruited already, now would somebody get me on the field?
Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shantihi.


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