Monday, October 04, 2004


Yesterday's excerpts page didn't make it. I think I left the page without publishing. Words. All words. I'm needing unshackling from words anyway right?

This blog is jinxed. Every time I open it up my mind goes blank. All those words, those words, words, go flitshit out of my head. Which is why I was storing my sent mail excerpts here. That's not gonna work. There's a privacy issue that's getting conflicted with, both mine and my receivers privacy, and I'm all about resolving conflict. So I'm resolving the sent mail out of this blog. And I'm unjinxing the jinx.

Unjh, mophala obata rr.eun foshnit
Unjh, ka.eumpeuu ta bi-dan-folkae

I think i know i type.

I'm sleepy. That's why I'm grumpy today. And I keep remembering that for a split minute and then it's gone forgotten, and I'm irritated at the world and irritated at myself for being irritated at the world. Hehe. That's kind of funny.

I'm less irritated now. I think I can go and write to real people now.


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