Thursday, July 01, 2004

Call now to end genocide in Sudan.

That was in the subject line of an email yesterday. Hey, excellent, that's all we have to do, we just have to call? Sweet, I'm on it, Sudanese-style peace celebration party at my house afterwards, y'all. Naah, don't worry, I got the phonebill covered, least I could do, yeah you can just put the Nobel down there, by the ceramic vase.

Save the world in someone else's inbox, mofos.

In the process of making presents and gearing up for India.
Out of sorts.
Always wanting to do something else besides what I'm doing. Irritable. Maybe it's blood coming on. Maybe it's the moon. Full tomorrow I think. Maybe it's the fact that I have no freaking structure or discipline in my life and it's driving me nuts.

Possession --by Barbara Kinsolver

The things I wish for are:
A color. A forest.
The devil and ice in my mouth.
that can't be owned.
A leopard, a life, a kiss.
never let me down.
To know that you have wanted me too
is as good as the deed
of trust.

Time for What to do in case of fire.


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