Monday, June 28, 2004

pain is temporary. pride is forever.

hungersite click breastcancersite click childhealthsite click rainforestsite click animalrescuesite click.
last email/internet was last monday i think. been busy. doing what?
bread. doctors. dance. doug/amma/acchan time. nina/bhavish time.
yesterday i went climbing again. last saturday when i went, the shoes were too small and i couldnt get my mind off it to climb so really only my left toes hurt the next day. yesterday i ignored the shoes and climed Direct twice, and then attempted the route next to Tails of Power several times. so today every single muscle in my tender body hurts, except for the thigh muscles that are strong and bulging from dance. ow.
i kind of want to go again next week. wonder if i can pay ian and bernie a small fee to use their equipment and expertise.

when you feel like letting go, hooold on,
when you think you've had too much of this life, hang on,
cuz everybody hurts, take comfort in your friends
everybody hurts,
don thoooo yooo haannnnn ooooo naaa
don thooo yoooooooo hannnn
if you like yooo maaaan
no no no you're not alone

crying, my last brownie, sitting in the couch chair in anna and my room in zapata, crying, trying to enjoy the brownie before i did it, listening, crying with this song, this song stopped me.

Day 47
Moon 26ish


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