Saturday, February 12, 2005

From Salvador

If you´re strapped for time, scroll down to the paragraph that starts with ´My real point´.

Never say never, they say.
But then, they say it twice, that n-word, so does a double negative make a positive?

My point.
Is that some of you on this list received a ridiculously long mass email from me last year that announced itself as the mass mail to end all mass mails. The email went on further to claim that this was not like the war to end all wars.
Apparently the size of my nose isn´t just to do with genes or running full speed ahead into a glass door, but also has a Pinocchion element.

My point.
Is not what you want from me anyway, because if you´re reading this, you probably know me well enough to know that pointfulness is not my forte, and yet you love me anyway, just as I love you anyway, whatever you do and are (!@!).

My lack of point.
Is currently situated in Salvador, Brazil, in an internet/pizza place. No, I´m not eating Pizza, mainly because it costs a toe and a finger, but also because I´m stuffed and happy. I will explain why I´m stuffed and happy shortly, but first.

My real point.
I´m travelling right now. It´s an intense experience, as any traveller well knows. The environments and communities I´m finding myself in are worth telling about, so I´ll try my best, whenever I can. This probably means once a month but I make no promises given my erratic internet habits (*#*).
If you would like these updates through email, let me know.
If you want to read them online instead, I´ll be putting them up on The previous writings are of a completely different style and purpose, so please ignore those, but feel free to dip in if you have ridiculous amounts of free time. The links section is badly organized, and missing important pages, but contain some worth, nevertheless.
If you still haven´t sent me your birthday, please do.
If I´ve missed your birthday, and also haven´t replied to your personal emails, I´m really sorry, but I won´t promise more. (see above *#*)
If you want/have to do something else entirely, feel free. (see above !@!)

Right. Onward ho. Why I´m stuffed and happy. I stopped at Restaurante Popular while walking from the Policia Federal, where I spent a measly 2 and a half hours getting my visa extended, to Pellorinho, where I am now. I had seen this restaurante yesterday (on the same walk, after I had gotten to Policia Federal at 4:30, half an hour after closing, after spending a draining, disgruntling


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