Tuesday, January 25, 2005

From Floripa

Floripa, nickname for Florianapolis. Waves, beach bums, Argentinian tourists, and maricuja sorvete.
But let me jump back a bit first.

Flew into Frankfurt Wednesday morning, spent the whole friggin day there in that terribly-lacking-in-soft-beddish-spaces airport. Eh. It wasn't that bad. I used the time to make Theacup and people-watch. And doze.

That night I flew to Sao Paolo, waited to meet up with Daisy, Thea, and MiklBoon. On the flight, chatted to my neighbor about Swedish and United Statesian politics and dirty toilet humor.

Sao Paolo for a few days. DTM and I getting used to the place, and each other. Cities are cities are cities, but the hieroglyphics on the wall there is different. Glyphitti. The hotel was more expensive than I expected, but given the people, the room, the warm water, and the breakfast (gostozo!!!), it was worth it.

Next, Floripa. Translation above. Think Santa Barbara/Cruz/Monica. We swam, sang and danced with the hippy boys and discussed Israel/Palestine in Portunol last night, and today we went on a scavenger hunt to find the permaculture people. Todo legal.

Much Portugese has NOT been learned by me, and I didn't sleep enough last night, and tomorrow we bus to Porto Alegre, and day after tomorrow the phenomenon that is Forum Sociale Mondiale starts, and my eyes are starting to blur and i htinkd lsdji should go to sldkeep .....

os suenos. boa noite.


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