Friday, January 28, 2005

From porto alegre

the forum is in its third day. am here in santander cultural center, using its convenient and very kind free email. should be at the forum, what the hell am i doing here? but no, a few notes first.

the forum is spread out. its tiring to get from one place to another, and theres sun and beer ice-cream everywhere, which invites people to go into party mode, rather than social exchange and transformation mode. there is much trash. much waste. much hypocrisy. much consumerism. much disregard for the people who pick up the trash. much ridiculous overlap and redudancy. much lechery. all the problems of the world are manifest here.

so why am i here? because all the solutions of the world are also here.

the problems, the solutions, are all human, are all life. only when they confront each other in a space like this, will we learn where the balances lie, where the truths are sleeping, where enlightenment crouches.

i've been repulsed, i've been delighted, bored, inspired. off i go to catch the next pendulum. the problems of bottled water await me.


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