Monday, March 29, 2004

These Eyes Forever

I seem to remember starting this particular gaiia cyber trip on a series of Eye notes. Let this conclude that series so a new chapter might begin. Last thursday I spent a few hours waiting around the surgeon's office, making 5yr old google faces at Amma and whining at her to tell me a story, interrupted occasionally by the nurse calling me to take another test, or to tilt my head for the sting of pupil dilation liquid. Finally the surgeon apologetically told me my cornea was too thin to do the Lasik, or any other surgery.
So that's that. My tender baubles of vision are to remain fuzzy like a chickadees bottom. Surprisingly, no matter really. I was feeling uncomfortable about the plastic-surgery-ness of it. The luxury of it. Now that option isn't an option, it's out of my head. I mean, it would have been nice to have lenseless clarity, free from this pain in the ass, pain in the eyes. But now all I have to think about is getting myself to buckle down and start doing those exercises in the Better Sight Without Something Something book that I abandoned lazily so long ago.
Speaking of buckling down, perhaps I should start studying for that test of mine tomorrow. But then, would I be me if I did that?
Yup. Eyes. I checked the archives, I did start an eye thread, and it babbled away for a while, now its trap will I shut. Was that somehow impure, going back and checking and then coming back to edit this, after publishing? Am I re-writing history? Who the hell cares. I write i write i rite i right i type i tipe i taip shmoosh smoosh wiggle waggle willaby wallaby mo mo mo. Mo. Maurice. La Vie est Une Longue Fleuve Tranquille. Test. Testing.


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