Thursday, April 08, 2004


  • was April 7, one year after the Docks. The Anarchist Bookfair black curls boy was there. Shannon got hit by a "less lethal" wooden dowel. She was protected by her cell phone which shattered. We were so utterly dejected after being fired upon by our law enforcers from behind as we were walking away from them when they told us to move, but on the reclaim the streets march afterwards someone found a dumpster full of donuts which made everything right again. We dove and grabbed. Someone left a bag of donuts as a present for the cops back at the train station. For once I didn't object to the pig/donut stereotype insult thing.
    A human rights report (click will download, the US section is on pdf page 151) to the UN commission on April 2 included a condemnation of the Oakland PD for the actions that day. KRON 4 had it on their website way down low. I didn't find many other reports in mainstream media. The US State Dept has not responded to the report.

  • we received our Boni for Ambikaaliilaa from Dr. Sen. He can't even come to the show because his daughter will be in town from London and they're going to Phuket. The world is full of gorgeous hearted individuals.

  • was Biju ettan's birthday, I'd better go email him.

  • Day 6
    Moon 2ish
    Ambikaaliilaa in 9.


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