Monday, October 25, 2004

My primary reason is to be in solidarity with the occupied peoples of Iraq and Palestine.

Monday and Tuesday I didn't nap in the afternoon. Wednesday afternoon I crashed, Amma's office makeshift bed. I didn't go to Grant's talk. That evening didn't go to the supposed-to-be-really-good NUS band playing (for free) at UCC. Thursday I napped, but didn't go to the nature poetry night at Little Bali, whatever that is. Friday I performed (publically) Sri Ramacandra for the first time at the Ceylon Rd temple. Broke fast during the day because I was bleeding and going to be dancing. Danced the absolute best I've ever done. Broke my Muslic non-fast-day fast in a Hindu temple with Abu Dhabian dates, Iranian pistachios, and almonds and grapes from I don't know where.

Saturday was Vidyarambham Day. Maami's house all morning. For the next year, till next Vidyarambham, I'm dedicating myself to dainika nrita. Apparently. I say. Haven't the faintest what the shit that means.

Saturday night we saw a phenomenally badly done but well written play, the NUS theater graduation. Sunday morning Amma and I went shopping, veggies, fruits, grains, plants, tools. It was kind of stressful, not as fun as it could have been, but there were good times to be had even so. We got a parking ticket. Dammit.
Viv's mom took a turn for the worse. Amma went to visit her while Acchan and I went to see The story of the Weeping Camel in Mongolian with Shekhar, Vikram, Manjiri. Sunday night I didn't go to the PA performance after all. 60 buckaroos a down the drain, I have to be ok with that. Viv's mom still not better.

Today. Maami's rehearsal. Maybe Viv's mom. Jaikina and Omanatingal. Acchan's curriculum manifesto.

Day 4.
Moon goodness knows.
Fast 9 (11)
Wine 7
Ambikaaliilaa: Written, needs to be distributed. It's deliciously satisfying.


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