Monday, November 08, 2004

T W Th F Sa Su M

Tuesday we made granola and ate it. Sunset, I broke my muslim fast in a hindu temple. Rehearsal for some stupid deepavali parade. I turned into a pissy brat. No good.

Wednesday Amma, Acchan, and I broke fast in Ba'alwi mosque with Uncle Belal, Aunty Najma, Imam Hassan, his wife. Not with, really. The women and men were separate. Nuff said. Good to go though.

Thursday Bush will call himself President of USA for another four FUCKING years. I fasted from water. Was fine. Stomach still disastrous from the turned pumpkin soup a few days ago, though. Kris came over for dinner, we went for subText and ran into Lindley and Ian.

Friday another rehearsal for that stupid deepavali parade, so I had water. Broke fast in the car. Started with a bad attitude, pissy brat again, but this time the too-cool-for-y'all, wander-around-tree-gaze-mystically-at-sky kind of pissy brat. Warmed up a little, but still not entirely as positive as I could have been.

Saturday dance class, stayed there straight through getting ready for the stupid parade, but all went fine. Totally positive, was I. Almost only contributing good energy and whatnot. Sweet. Never again, for real, but just once, I could handle the stupid parade. Amma has joined me fasting, but we couldn't break together. Water again today.

Sunday I grabbed my wallet and Dhammapada to go to Elektra rehearsal. A pocket book version that actually fit in my pocket. Sweet. Fasted from water again. Broccoli soup but I ate too much as always. Stomach still churning pumpkin. Cinderella I ain't.

Today Iraq declares a state of emergency. What the fucking Fuck fuck. I laughed out loud a real laugh, not a dry ironic bittersweet snigger. If people weren't dying I wouldn't try to stop laughing, I said.

Day 18
Moon 11ish
Fast 23 (25)
Wine 21
Ambikaaliilaa, longer than i thought.
Getting ready for open house and poetry reading on sunday.


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