Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Got up at 4:30 but I was still late with breakfast. Its cuz after yoga I did pranayama breathing stuff with Acchan.

So we were talking about what police had a right to arrest you for, like being naked in public, of course i'm like, no, he's like, its complicated, and we ended up making a pact for him to stop drinking tea and me to write a description of what i think the world should be. or something. i should check what exactly he wants. gah. maybe itll be a really good thing, especially if i can work the now-stewing play around it. acchan and i have been having a lot of arguments lately, mostly around power, and centers of power, and how to react to them, and the like.

amma forwarded me a message about the NUS group SAVE doing freecycling, which is the same idea as freestore. they were going off the idea on the website freecycle.com (or org. whatever). awesome. i want a group like that to do things with. maybe not exactly like that, but its a start. group group group alone alone alone, complain complain complain.

i'm looking forward to spaghetti today.

i'm looking forward to some of the emails i'm going to, not have to, write.

i'm looking forward to eating chocolate again.

i'm looking forward to eternal bliss, except when i get there i wont know it because there wont be anything to know.

shweeeeeeeeet. i'm not looking forward to typing more. i think i should find another way to let out and record my ideas, and communication.

bigideedoodah deal, talk talk talk, sit on ass ass ass.


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