Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Fukuoka says No, there is nothing special about me, but what I have glimpsed is vastly important.

Reality is Nothing. What I say here is neither futile nor useful because to be either, there must be a goal, and Nothing cannot have a goal. But out of Nothing came something, and somebody, and I am somebody, and you are somebody too, though Dickinson may say a greater truth.

A perfect world may or may not exist in Time, but it can exist across another dimension. Our imagination. If it does not exist there, it will never exist anywhere else.

I woke up at 4:59. The alarm was set for 5. It was set that late because I realized I wasn't actually late the last few days, the sunrise is actually at 6:45 not 5:45. This is what comes of living in a highrise airconditioned curtained apartment. Instead of in the woods in a tent.

I had breakfast with Amma. I made spaghetti with Amma (and Mutashi) yesterday. We ate it and it was stupendously satisfying.

I did not nap yesterday, I really should today.

My left eye is fuzzy. I need new contacts. I wish I had better eyes, but I think, I hope, that I wish more that the people of Iraq and Palestine would peacefully oust their invaders and occupiers and renew their lives and their land.

Day 42ish
Moon 20ish
Ambikaaliilaa, crossing fingers for report to be distributable today.


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